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FAST Formation Training at Spruce Creek Fly-in

Welcome to the website for Formation and Safety Team formation training at Spruce Creek Fly-n (7FL6) in Florida

Listed here are some resources available for trainees to study before commencing a formal training course.


Formation Knowledge Guide (updated 18 May 2012) - Click on photo to view pdf file

Authored by a FAST pilot, this Guide is more than a “training manual”. Included in the chapters and supporting appendices are universal procedures, terminology, and suggested operating limitations applicable to all levels of qualification, from the day one student to the seasoned flight leader and formation instructor.

Ken Terry Formation Flying ver. 6.pdf

Formation Flying for Fun - Click on photo to view pdf file

Edited by the late Ken Terry - a dedicated formation pilot and FAST mentor

Photo left shows Ken Terry flying as #2 in his yellow T-34

FAST Formation Documents - click on text to load pdf file

1.  FAST Foundation and Principles, ver 22, Mar  2015     

2.  FAST Maneuvers Guide ver 2.2     

3.  FAST Radio Communication and Visual Signals ver 1.2     

4.  FAST Practical Test Guides (PTG)      

4.1  Wingman PTG   

4.2  Flight Leader PTG   

FAST Formation Training Clinic - Spruce Creek Fly-in – January 2016 - Registration Form

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Team RV Formation Training Guide

For further information contact Steve Wood - FAST Lead - by email at: sprucepilot@aol.com

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